The word “chai” actually means “tea” in Hindi, so when you order a chai tea, you are literally just ordering tea

Chai: A Subtle, Yet Spicy Drink For Any Occasion

Chai is one of the most popular Indian drinks that is now consumed worldwide.
The word “chai” actually means “tea” in Hindi, so when you order a chai tea, you are literally just ordering tea.

However, when we think about making or ordering Chai, we think of a lovely micro ground, highly dissolvable instant drink mix made from high a quality black tea and lots of lovely spices.
The chai tea base can be made with any type of tea (black or green), but most commonly it is made with Assam or Darjeeling black teas. When thinking of enjoying a lovely chai tea, the tea itself is the most important part of making a good chai.

The spices in chai tea vary depending on the region it is from, but typically include black pepper, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. All of these spices have their own unique flavor and contribute to the overall taste of chai.
Cardamom is often described as being floral and citrusy – has an earthy flavor and pairs perfectly with black tea. Cloves are aromatic and have a warm, sweet flavor. Ginger is spicy and pungent and helps balance out the spiciness. Cinnamon is sweet and woodsy and offers a strong taste that makes this spice a must-have for chai lovers! Finally, there is the black pepper which adds a bit of heat to the mix. All of the spices and the black tea must work harmoniously to create a good Chai.

Chai is traditionally served with milk or cream and sugar on the side. Typically served warm but can also be enjoyed cold.

When it comes to tea, there are endless possibilities for different flavors and combinations. You can go the classic route and stick to just black tea, or you can branch out and try to give your senses a treat and try a soothing instant drink like a spicy chai.

Whether you're enjoying your cup of chai on a cold winter day or sipping it iced in the summer heat, this aromatic beverage is sure to please. So next time you're in the mood for something different, give chai a try.

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