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We believe that great tasting tea shouldn't make you wait, and doesn’t need to be made by a barista.

Whether you're at home and you want a great cup of chai right now, or you're a cafe and someone has ordered a chai - no one needs to wait for that great cup of chai. Or London fog, or matcha, or vanilla matcha for that matter. It takes 4 steps, and 2 minutes to make a great cup of tea.

Tea Reimagined. Delicious, Healthy, Organic, Instant Microground Tea.

Old Growth Beverages is made with certified organic ingredients. Microground tea uses the entire tea leaf thereby giving you all the health benefits of the tea as well as all the health benefits of the spices. Enjoy as much as your traditional teas, but with the convenience of letting you enjoy our teas instantly. It's also better than trying to eat the whole tea leaf!

Savour a hot London Fog on a cold day. Get calm with a cup of relaxing Matcha Tea. Host friends, delight their senses with old world spices and have a chai tea together.

All of these in the convenience of your home, Dissolvable, delicious, a delightful treat, whenever you want it. A spoonful is all you need to sit back and relax.