"A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds."
- Christina Re

Our families have been drinking tea for generations.

There's nothing better than drinking a comforting microground instant tea with family, friends or in those moments of quiet  solitude.

We were inspired to create a line of microground teas in order that we could take advantage of the entire tea leaf; capturing all the health benefits of the tea leaf by micro grinding it so that it can be consumed in a highly dissolvable instant beverage and thus providing a fast and delicious soothing beverage to enjoy alone or to share.

We want to be the catalyst that helps you create memorable moments for you, your family and your friends by surrounding you in incredible microground dissolvable instant black / green teas, microground dissolvable tea & spice mixes and microground coffee & spice mixes. 

OGB strives to be your first choice when considering a warming and soothing beverage; whether tea, coffee, coffee substitute, rooibos or chocolate based hot beverages. Let us delight your senses and bring peace and joy to you, your family and friends in an instant...

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    The general benefits of drinking organic tea are familiar. However, we at Old Growth Beverages take it one step further by making our tea microground, which makes it an instant tea, allows for the consumption of the entire tea leaf, and dramatically increases the benefits you get from our healthy tea.

    Our organic tea ranges from Matcha to the delicious London fog and Chai tea.

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    To yourself, by caring about what you consume. Respect for our Planet,  trying to care for it as much as it provides for us. And respect for tradition - we endeavor that our 'new' way of instant tea does not subvert its deep history, but adds to and supports it. The serenity of shared experiences revolving around tea may remain the same as the tried and true. HOW you experience our tea holds with tradition, WHAT you're consuming, hopefully, you can feel better about.

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    In all senses of the word. We strive to grow the sentiment of wellness at the personal, and environmental levels. We strive to grow the educational landscape of microground teas, and all the corresponding benefits. We strive to grow as a company, such that we're able to 'give back' and help on a grander scale. Our vision is to grow with the sole goal of helping all others grow. Like the ancient trees in old growth forests around the world - we stand to symbolize history, strength, and a long, healthy life.