Spice Up Your Life : Cloves

Spice Up Your Life : Cloves

We love teas. We also love all the ingredients to go into tea. So, spice up your life is a recurring segment that will cover the spice in our life, and we hope it adds spice to your life. 


Organic cloves are the fifth active ingredient we at OGB use in our micro-ground Chai Tea mixes. Cloves offer a unique, sweet and savoury flavor to any dish. They are tasty, and organic cloves can provide numerous health benefits.

Cloves are versatile spices used for centuries for their unique flavour and medicinal properties. At Old Growth Beverages, we love using cloves in our microground tea blends, which are made with certified organic ingredients and provide all the health benefits of traditional tea with the convenience of an instant beverage.

Organic cloves have been a staple of many cuisines for centuries. Whether eating them as part of a savoury dish or brewing them into tea, organic cloves are known for their bold flavour and aroma. Organically grown cloves are harvested in tropical climates, where the warm temperatures and fertile soil help to create the perfect environment for this spicy yet sweet seasoning. Clove trees produce flower buds that look like pinkish-brown peppercorns; they are dried until dark brown and ground up for cooking or baking.

Cloves add a warm, sweet and slightly bitter flavor to tea and are also great for adding depth to savory dishes like stews and curries. But that's not all – cloves also have several health benefits, including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

So why spice up your life with a delicious cup of clove-infused tea or add cloves to your favorite recipes? At Old Growth Beverages, we're committed to bringing you high-quality organic ingredients to help you live your best, healthiest life.

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