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Spice Up Your Life : Ginger

We love teas. We also love all the ingredients to go into tea. So, spice up your life is a recurring segment that will cover the spice in our life, and we hope it adds spice to your life. 




Chai teas are typically made with microground black teas and numerous spices mixed together to give you a flavourful and aromatic drink that is soothing, enjoyable and healthy. The first ingredient that we will discuss in this short series will be Ginger.


Ginger is an ingredient commonly used in many foods and beverages for its many health benefits. It is a root that can be easily found in most grocery stores and can prepared in multiple ways. (wondering how many ways? This article has 100 ways to use ginger. From teas to soups, ginger offers essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your health. 


Strictly speaking health; there have been numerous studies conducted on the power of ginger, particularly its anti-inflammatory properties. Research suggests that regular consumption of ginger helps reduce pain caused by inflammation, such as joint pain or muscle soreness. This could potentially help those suffering from arthritis or other chronic conditions related to inflammation. These effects may also be beneficial for athletes who experience muscle cramping due to intense exercise or activity. In addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits, ginger is also known for its ability to aid digestion and reduce nausea symptoms due to motion sickness or pregnancy-related morning sickness. 


Ginger has a spicy, warm, bit peppery like red pepper and a subtly sweet taste. Ginger just adds a beautifully simple yet complex dimension to our microground tea mixes. 


Old Growth Beverages is made with Certified Organic ingredients. We use the entire green tea leaf in our microground instant teas, so you get all the health benefits of the traditional but in the convenience of an instant tea. Much better than just eating an entire tea leaf


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