What did you just add to your matcha??

What did you just add to your matcha??

We are excited about launching a Vanilla Matcha to our lineup of microground teas that that you can enjoy instantly, and we think you will also be excited with this Vanilla Matcha too?


The first thing that many might ask is; why would you add vanilla to matcha?


Adding vanilla to matcha is a matter of personal preference and taste. While many thoroughly enjoy the distinct taste of matcha and would never consider anything but drinking pure matcha, many would like to cut some of the bitterness that can be associated with drinking matcha. Vanilla has an inherently sweet and aromatic flavour.


While it may not be a traditional combination in Japanese tea culture, it can complement the slightly bitter and earthy notes of matcha. The combination can create a more well-rounded and enjoyable taste and it’s a way to customize the tea to suit personal preferences.



 Being a bit different can be cool. Experimenting with different flavours is a common practice in the culinary world. Adding vanilla to matcha can be a creative way to explore new taste sensations and come up with unique recipes by pushing the boundaries, creating new traditions and showcasing the incredible scents and flavours of spiced chai. 



Why add vanilla or anything different to matcha is a matter of personal taste, and not everyone may enjoy the combination of vanilla and matcha. If you're curious, give our new microground vanilla matcha a try. We are adding what we consider the perfect amount of powdered organic vanilla extract to our matcha to give you a well-balanced and tasty to way to enjoy matcha. Ultimately, the best way to enjoy matcha is

in a way that suits your taste buds.

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