London Fog

What is London Fog?

London Fog tea is a delicious and soothing black tea made with Earl Gray Tea (Black Tea with Bergamot), a sweetener of some kind (like liquid cane sugar), vanilla syrup and then hot steamed milk. 

Fun fact: The creation of London Fog originated in Vancouver BC's Buckwheat Café in the 1990’s by Mary Loria and is sometimes referred to as a Vancouver Fog.

The taste is quite complex as you have the bitterness and earthiness of the teas, Bergamot with the sweetness of the sugars and milk, and the floral notes and aromatics from the vanilla. All together becomes quite pleasant and soothing on a cold rainy Vancouver day.

For those who are looking for non-dairy milk options, Our London Fog can be made with any of the milk substitutes/alternatives our there.

OGB’s London Fog Micro-Ground & Bagless Tea is made from all organic ingredients using no artificial flavourings or added colours! With no bag to toss and waste, you can consume the entire tea leaf and enjoy all the antioxidant benefits of the tea! Just add to hot water, hot milk, or hot milk alternative, stir and drink!

What a lovely way to get the health benefits of tea and be a little more environmentally friendly!

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