Spice Up Your Life : Caradamom

Spice Up Your Life : Caradamom

We love teas. We also love all the ingredients to go into tea. So, spice up your life is a recurring segment that will cover the spice in our life, and we hope it adds spice to your life. 

Microground black teas (we will change that for you in upcoming posts as we use other wonderful microground bases) and numerous spices mixed, to give you a flavorful and powerful drink that is not only soothing and enjoyable, is commonly referred to as Chai.  We Love Chai. 

At Old Growth Beverages, we believe that adding a little spice to your life can make all the difference. That's why we're excited to talk about one of our favorite spices: cardamom.

Cardamom contains several antioxidants that can help stave off damage from free radicals which can contribute to diseases including cancer and heart disease. It’s also beneficial to digestion, helping to reduce bloating and gas, as well as promoting healthy bacteria growth in the intestines. Additionally, cardamom has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce pain associated with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Its potential anti-inflammatory effects have been claimed to lower blood pressure as well.
It's often used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, but it's becoming more popular in the Western world as well.

One of the best ways to enjoy cardamom is in a cup of tea. At Old Growth Beverages, we love adding a pinch of ground cardamom to our Microground tea blends. The result is a comforting, flavorful cup of tea that's perfect for any time of day.

But tea isn't the only way to enjoy cardamom. Here are a few other ideas:

  • Add ground cardamom to your morning oatmeal or smoothie for a tasty and healthy breakfast.
  • Use cardamom to spice up roasted vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash.
  • Mix ground cardamom with honey and drizzle it over a bowl of fresh fruit for a simple and delicious dessert.

Of course, there are countless other ways to use cardamom in the kitchen. Experiment with different recipes and find your own favorite way to enjoy this versatile spice.

At Old Growth Beverages, we're proud to use only certified organic ingredients in our Microground tea blends, including cardamom. We use the entire green tea leaf in our Microground instant teas, so you get all the health benefits of the traditional but in the convenience of an instant tea. We believe that quality ingredients make all the difference when it comes to flavor and health benefits.
So why not spice up your life with a cup of tea infused with cardamom? Whether you're looking for a soothing, relaxing drink or a flavorful addition to your favorite recipe, cardamom is sure to delight your senses and bring a little extra joy to your day.

You'll find cardamom in our Convenience Size Chai, or our Everyday Size Chai, Convenience Size Dirty Chai, Convenience Size Turmeric Chai

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